A Healthy Option for a Lifetime of Love

Archdiocese of LousivilleThe Church’s teaching views fertility as a sacred reality to life rather than a problem to be solved. The Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning used is scientifically proven to take advantage of the body’s natural patterns of fertility and infertility. The couple places no barriers between themselves and no potentially harmful chemicals in the woman’s body. NFP methods respect the integrity of men and women and are supportive to the marriage covenant.

NFP is not only an accepted method used for spacing children; it is also highly effective for helping couples achieve pregnancy. Infertility is more common than one might think and it can cause married couples great pain and grief. NFP may help.

NFP does not involve the use of any drugs, devices or medications, is completely safe and has no harmful side effects. The self-knowledge that couples gain by using it is valuable in helping them to maintain good reproductive health.

Engaged couples are encouraged to take NFP at least three to four months prior to their wedding date.



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